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Airflo Custom Cut 20' Sink-Tips

Price: $26.99
Brand: Airflo

20' Sink-tip pack to be cut for Skagit heads. Looped on both ends and built on Airflo's 30lb Low Stretch Power Core Technology

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SinkTip Density:


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Sink Tips are a staple of of serious fly anglers the world over. Whether you're swinging soft hackles in the fall or heavy intruders in the raging waters of winters excess, Airflo makes a sink tip that will work for you. Airflo's sink tips have long been the industry benchmark for quality factory-welded loops, and due to the unique material qualities of polyurethane Airflo continues to make the strongest, slimmest loops out there.
Airflo's Custom Cut Tips are level, 20' sections of sinking line designed to be the sink tip for everyone. Each tip has a factory welded loop at each end, so you can cut the tip into two lengths. (Example: 9' & 11') Available in T10, and T17 densities, these things sink like bricks and are the perfect companion to Skagit lines or custom solutions for Multi-Tips.

Features - 
  • Looped on both ends
  • Built on Airflo 30lb Low Stretch Power Core
Tungsten - Grains / Foot
Sink Rate
Loop Color
8" per second
10" per second
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