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Rio Max II Shooting Heads

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Price: $39.95
Brand: RIO

Head Densities:

Line Size:

This Item has been discontinued. An alternative item is the Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head...Follow the link above to find this

  Product Details

Rio Max II shooting heads have been discontinued but a better version lives on in the Outbound series of lines...follow the link to find these awesome shooting heads.

Follow Link to Rio Outbound Short Shooting Heads

With RIO’s 30 ft shooting heads you can cast long distances with ease.
Technology -
  • XS Technology - Ultra slick, dirt-repelling coating for maximum distance and performance
Features -
  • Unique taper design stabilizes the head in the air and prevents "dumping"
  • Head weight is built to AFTM standards
  • Most casters will find it an advantage to step up one line size or two from their rod rating
  • Attach to either Rio's SlickShooter or Saltwater Series shooting lines for best performance
  • Front and Back Welded Loops
For best performance RIO recommends attaching the following head sizes to these shooting lines:
  • ST5 to ST8 – 0.024” Powerflex Shooting Line, or 25lb SlickShooter
  • ST8 to ST10 – 0.030” Powerflex Shooting Line, or 35lb SlickShooter
  • ST10 and bigger – 0.035” Powerflex Shooting Line, or 44lb SlickShooter
Specs -
SKU Line Size Sink Rate Head Weight Head Length Color
6-21477 8wt 225gr Float 225 30ft 9.1m Green/Green Loop
6-21478 9wt 250gr Float 250 30ft 9.1m Green/Green Loop
6-21479 10wt 300gr Float 300 30ft 9.1m Green/Green Loop
6-21480 11wt 350gr Float 350 30ft 9.1m Green/Green Loop
6-21481 12wt 400gr Float 400 30ft 9.1m Green/Green Loop
6-21484 8wt 225gr 1.5-2 ips 225 30ft 9.1m Clear/Clear Loop
6-21485 9wt 250gr 1.5-2 ips 250 30ft 9.1m Clear/Clear Loop
6-21486 10wt 300gr 1.5-2 ips 300 30ft 9.1m Clear/Clear Loop
6-21487 11wt 350gr 1.5-2 ips 350 30ft 9.1m Clear/Clear Loop
6-21488 12wt 400gr 1.5-2 ips 400 30ft 9.1m Clear/Clear Loop
6-21498 8wt 225gr 3-4 ips 225 30ft 9.1m Brown/Yellow Loop
6-21499 9wt 250gr 3-4 ips 250 30ft 9.1m Brown/Yellow Loop
6-21500 10wt 300gr 3-4 ips 300 30ft 9.1m Brown/Yellow Loop
6-21501 11wt 350gr 3-4 ips 350 30ft 9.1m Brown/Yellow Loop
6-21502 12wt 400gr 3-4 ips 400 30ft 9.1m Brown/Yellow Loop
6-21505 8wt 225gr 6-7 ips 225 30ft 9.1m Black/Gray Loop
6-21506 9wt 250gr 6-7 ips 250 30ft 9.1m Black/Gray Loop
6-21507 10wt 300gr 6-7 ips 300 30ft 9.1m Black/Gray Loop
6-21508 11wt 350gr 6-7 ips 350 30ft 9.1m Black/Gray Loop
6-21509 12wt 400gr 6-7 ips 400 30ft 9.1m Black/Gray Loop
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