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RIO Powerflex Tippet

RIO Powerflex Tippet
Price: $4.95
Brand: RIO

High tenacity copolymer with excellent knot strength ideal for trout

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RIO Powerflex:


  Product Details

A high tenacity copolymer with excellent knot strength, abrasion-resistance, stretch and suppleness.
  • Light gray provides superb camouflage
  • Perfect combination of elongation and strength
  • The finest nylon tippet available today
  • High Knot Strength
  • Clear

SKU Total Length Line Size Leader Tippet Material Test Diameter
6-2200130yd 27.4m
7XNylon2.4lb 1.1kg0.004in 0.102mm
6-22002 30yd 27.4m 6X Nylon 3.4lb 1.5kg 0.005in 0.127mm
6-22003 30yd 27.4m 5X Nylon 5.0lb 2.3kg 0.006in 0.152mm
6-22004 30yd 27.4m 4X Nylon 6.4lb 2.9kg 0.007in 0.178mm
6-22005 30yd 27.4m 3X Nylon 8.2lb 3.7kg 0.008in 0.203mm
6-22006 30yd 27.4m 2X Nylon 10lb 4.5kg 0.009in 0.229mm
6-22007 30yd 27.4m 1X Nylon 13lb 5.9kg 0.010in 0.254mm
6-22008 30yd 27.4m 0X Nylon 15lb 6.8kg 0.011in 0.279mm

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