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Measure Net Medium Nylon Net

Price: $27.00
Brand: Measure Net

This net measures up to 24 inches of fish! Simply add the number at the head with the number at the tail.

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  Product Details

The Measure Net was designed by Jeff Abel of JTA Products. In his quest to build the perfect net Jeff knew he wanted a net that would be durable, reasonable priced, easy to change the net bag, and most of all easy on the fish while allowing him to measure every fish. His creation was the Measure Net, made of strong aluminum tubing with a durable rubber handle that allows the net to float. The net bag is easy to remove using by just unzipping a zipper around the circumference of the inside of the net bag. The net bag is constructed of very soft fish friendly nylon with one inch measurements starting in the bottom center of the net extending out to each end. Simply net the fish, add the measurement at the tip of the tail and head for total length. For example if the tail reads 11 inches and the head reads 9 your fish is 20 inches in length.

Specs - 
  • Frame Width 9" 
  • Frame Length 16"
  • Total Length 25"
  • Fish Measure length 24"

Note: Due to size and shipping cost an additional $10 must be applied for International Shipments. Please check the drop down box to indicate that your order ships US or International. No additional charge for US orders. 
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