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Rio T-Series Sink Tip Material 30' - CLOSEOUT

Rio T-Series Sink Tip Material 30' - CLOSEOUT
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List Price: $39.95
Price: $27.95
You Save: $12.00 ( 30 %)
Brand: Rio
RIO developed these heads as a tungsten alternative to lead core... More details...

Sink-tip Weight:


  Product Details

Learn more about Sink Tips and Polyleaders in our Buyers Guide
They are supple, do not kink and sink like a stone. Five different sizes ensure there is a weight and sink rate for every situation.
Available in 30 foot packs with Color Coded Loops and 500 foot bulk rolls
Length - 30ft ($39.95)
  • Front-End Welded Loop
  • Back-End Welded Loop
  • Color Coded Loops
Length - 500ft roll ($299.95)
Specs -
SKU Line Size Total Length Sink Rate Color
6-20120 T-8 30ft 9.1m 6-7 ips Black
6-20121 T-11 30ft 9.1m 7-8 ips Black
6-20122 T-14 30ft 9.1m 8-9 ips Black
6-20123 T-17 30ft 9.1m 9-10 ips Black
6-20449 T-20 30ft 9.1m +10 ips Black
6-20440 T-8 500ft 152.4m 6-7 ips Black
6-20443 T-11 500ft 152.4m 7-8 ips Black
6-20445 T-14 500ft 152.4m 8-9 ips Black
6-20447 T-17 500ft 152.4m 9-10 ips Black
6-20448 T-20 500ft 152.4m +10 ips Black
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