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RIO Skagit Flight Head - Closeout

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Brand: RIO

Line Size:


  Product Details

RIO's Skagit Flight Shooting Heads cast large flies and the fastest of sinking tips with exceptional ease. The unique taper design has a powerful back section that deeply loads spey rods for long effortless casts, and a carefully designed, subtle front taper to ensure the longest of casts and to generate the smoothest of loops.
Technology -
  • XS Technology - Ultra slick, dirt-repelling coating for maximum distance and performance
Features -
  • Easy casting, deep loading design for effortless casts
  • Powerful front end casts fast sinking tips and large flies
  • Welded loops for fast rigging
  • ID printed rear loop for fast head recognition; attach this end to the shooting line
Recommended Shooting Lines -
  • 275gr to 450gr .024" Powerflex shooting line, or 25lb SlickShooter
  • 450gr to 550gr .030" Powerflex shooting line, or 35lb SlickShooter
  • 550gr to 650gr .035" Powerflex shooting line, or 44lb SlickShooter
  • 650gr and bigger .040" Powerflex shooting line, or 50lb SlickShooter

Specs -

SKU Line Size Head Weight Head Length Color Sink Rate
6-21967 350gr 350gr 22ft 6.7m Pale Orange Float
6-21968 375gr 375gr 22ft 6.7m Pale Orange Float
6-21969 400gr 400gr 23ft 7m Pale Orange Float
6-21970 425gr 425gr 23.5ft 7.2m Pale Orange Float
6-21971 450gr 450gr 24ft 7.3m Pale Orange Float
6-21972 475gr 475gr 24.5ft 7.5m Pale Orange Float
6-21973 500gr 500gr 25ft 7.6m Pale Orange Float
6-21974 525gr 525gr 25.5ft 7.8m Pale Orange Float
6-21975 550gr 550gr 25.5ft 7.8m Pale Orange Float
6-21976 575gr 575gr 26ft 7.9m Pale Orange Float
6-21977 600gr 600gr 26.5ft 8m Pale Orange Float
6-21978 625gr 625gr 26.5ft 8m Pale Orange Float
6-21979 650gr 650gr 27ft 8.2 Pale Orange Float
6-21980 675gr 675gr 28ft 8.5m Pale Orange Float
6-21983 675gr 675gr 25ft 7.6m Pale Orange Float
6-21981 700gr 700gr 30ft 9.1m Pale Orange Float
6-21984 725gr 725gr 25ft 7.6m Pale Orange Float
6-21982 750gr 750gr 31ft 9.4m Pale Orange Float

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