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Skagit Master 2 Featuring Scott Howell

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Filmed in BC and Oregon, Steelheading Outside the Box is the most insightful, technique focused steelhead film in over twenty years.
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From the intimate coastal streams of Northern BC to his home waters in Oregon, Scott Howell goes fishing and shares the techniques he developed throughout is career and lands over a dozen wild steelhead in the process. Scott's philosophy: "If that steelhead intended to eat your fly, it would have". You shouldn't worry about the ones that got away or the short strikes, dull pulls and plucks. Enjoy and respect them all. But cherish the ones you get to touch. Skagit Master Volume 2 Featuring Scott Howell is the perfect companion to Skagit Master Volume 1 Featuring Ed Ward.

The film contains a lot of thinking outside the box steelheader stuff, like how to get your fly down through 6-8 feet of fast, cold winter water to resting steelhead. Basalt bedrock rivers like the North Umpqua require different techniques than say, the Skagit, so Scott shows us how to do it. And there's a lot of classic water fished in a more traditional way.

DVD Review

skagit master 2

I had the benefit of watching this video last night. From the beginning you are taken into the intense, yet thoughtful world of Scott Howell who has chosen the pursuit of Steelhead as his life's greatest ambition. He is quite well-spoken, informative and not above throwing out a few shots at his own expense. Many of Scott's secrets to success are worked out clearly throughout contrasting water characteristics. Unlike the days when he and Ed would hide their fly patterns from other anlgers, here Scott shows us how to tie them. Rivers are dynamic and Scott's greatest point is that we also, have to be dynamic in our approach to becoming successful steelhead anglers. Skagit Master 2 helps to break down the age old myths that have often hindered anglers rather than helping them. It also gets you thinking on your own and reinforces the fact that every drift is your own personal Picasso. This is the greatest video that deals with presentation and and water selection to date for Pacific Northwest Steelhead enthusiasts. He firmly believes that education, and a love for the sport can help rivers get the protection that they deserve.


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