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Hatch Finatic 1 Plus Fly Reel

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Price: $350.00
Brand: Hatch

Need a Spare Spool - Hatch has put together a great deal for you. Purchase Reel and Spool together as a combo and save $20.00

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Reel Colors:

Hatch Reel/Spool Combo (optional):


  Product Details

The guys at Hatch know that sometimes a spare spool is not just an optional piece of equipment...sometimes its required. Maybe you need an additional backup line or a sink tip or maybe you just choose to use it on more than one rod. Whatever the case, Hatch has come up with a deal for you. Purchase and Hatch Reel/Spool Combo together at the same time and Save Money...The more expensive the reel the more money you save!
We’re talking small. You might even use one of these as a key chain. We had never considered a reel of this size since we very rarely fish with 0 to 2 weight rods. However, our minds changed when we had so many requests. How could we refuse? So for all you creeky anglers who love the little stuff this reel is for you.
Reel Specs -
  • Reel Diameter: 2.90"
  • Weight in oz: 2.8
  • Line size: 0-2
  • Capacity: WF1 w/70yds 20lb

Available in Mid Arbor only

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