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Hatch Finatic 4 Plus Fly Reel

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Price: $450.00
Brand: Hatch

Need a Spare Spool - Hatch has put together a great deal for you. Purchase Reel and Spool together as a combo and save $30.00

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  Product Details

The guys at Hatch know that sometimes a spare spool is not just an optional piece of equipment...sometimes its required. Maybe you need an additional backup line or a sink tip or maybe you just choose to use it on more than one rod. Whatever the case, Hatch has come up with a deal for you. Purchase and Hatch Reel/Spool Combo together at the same time and Save Money...The more expensive the reel the more money you save!
The 4 Plus bridges the gap in size and weight between the 3 and 5 plus models. The reel was designed to be the perfect 5-weight reel, but feels equally balanced with both 4 and 6 weight lines as well.
Reel Specs -
  • Reel Diameter: 3.425"
  • Weight in oz: 5.2
  • Line size: 4-6
  • Capacity Large Arbor: WF5 w/100yds 20lb
  • Capacity Mid Arbor: WF6 w/130yds 20lb
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