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RIO InTouch 10ft Sink Tips

RIO InTouch 10ft Sink Tips
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Price: $24.95
Brand: RIO
NOTE: Intouch Sink Tips are slowly coming available. Stock of various sizes is slowly trickling in. Not all sizes are available yet. Give us a call at 541-386-6977 for up to the minute information on availability

RIO InTouch Sink tips are used in many applications including VersiTip, Skagit VersiTip and Scandi VersiTip Lines.

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RIO InTouch Sink Tips:


  Product Details

These tips are used on the VersiTip and Skagit VersiTip and Scandi VersiTip Lines.
Four Densities available -

Features -
  • ConnectCore - Ultra-low stretch core for improved strike detection and faster hook sets
  • Density Compensation - Ensures sinking lines and tips sink straight, not in a curve
  • Easy ID - RIO's printed line marking system to allow anglers to quickly and easily identify each line
  • Front and rear Welded Loops
Specs -
SKULine SizeColorTip WeightSink RateTotal Length
6-216665Straw55gr / 3.6gmFloat10ft / 3m
6-216676Straw65gr / 4.2gmFloat10ft / 3m
6-216687Straw75gr / 4.9gmFloat10ft / 3m
6-216698Straw95gr / 6.2gmFloat10ft / 3m
6-216709Straw95gr / 6.2gmFloat10ft / 3m
6-216715Gray/Gray Loop55gr / 3.6gm1.5 - 2ips10ft / 3m
6-216726Gray/Gray Loop65gr / 4.2gm1.5 - 2ips10ft / 3m
6-216737Gray/Gray Loop75gr / 4.9gm1.5 - 2ips10ft / 3m
6-216748Gray/Gray Loop85gr / 5.5gm1.5 - 2ips10ft / 3m
6-216759Gray/Gray Loop95gr / 6.2gm1.5 - 2ips10ft / 3m
6-216765Brown/Yellow Loop55gr / 3.6gm3 - 4ips10ft / 3m
6-216776Brown/Yellow Loop65gr / 4.2gm3 - 4ips10ft / 3m
6-216787Brown/Yellow Loop75gr / 4.9gm3 - 4ips10ft / 3m
6-216798Brown/Yellow Loop85gr / 5.5gm3 - 4ips10ft / 3m
6-216809Brown/Yellow Loop95gr / 6.2gm3 - 4ips10ft / 3m
6-216815Black/Gray Loop55gr / 3.6gm6 -7ips10ft / 3m
6-216826Black/Gray Loop65gr / 4.2gm6 -7ips10ft / 3m
6-216837Black/Gray Loop75gr / 4.9gm6 -7ips10ft / 3m
6-216848Black/Gray Loop85gr / 5.5gm6 -7ips10ft / 3m
6-216859Black/Gray Loop95gr / 6.2gm6 -7ips10ft / 3m

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