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Airflo Skagit Intermediate Compact - Closeout

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Brand: Airflo

The Skagit Intermediate gets you below the surface and gives you a more controlled slow swing ideal for colder weather steelhead fishing.

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Great lakes anglers identified the need for a line that would cast and fish like our Skagit Compact, but would avoid all the surface hydraulics caused by corrugated bottom structures. While in development and testing the Skagit Intermediate Compact opened our eyes to a whole new level of fly presentation. No longer do you have to put up with tumultuous surface currents pulling at the floating portion of your Skagit system.
The Skagit Intermediate gets you below the surface and into more even, mid-strata flows, allowing for a smoother more direct fly presentation. Two tone in color, the front taper and belly section are transparent blue intermediate, and the floating back taper is Heron gray. Featuring power core for direct contact and solid hook set, our industry leading Flexi-loops at both ends, and easy to read head size designation. Skagit casting anglers will benefit from this line no matter where you fish.

Features -
  • Skagit Specific Heads for Controlled casting in Tight Spots
  • Line Size: 450-720 - (30 Grain Increments)
  • Color: Trans Blue / Heron Grey
  • Density: Floating / Intermediate
  • Core Material: Low Stretch (6%) Braided Power Core
  • Coating: Ultra Supple Polyurethane (PU)
  • Loop Type: Flexi Loops with Line Marker
  • Optimum Temperature Range:: -5 to 26c

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