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Umpqua UPG Streamer Fly Box

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Price: $42.99
Brand: Umpqua
For All of Your Buggers & Streamers! More details...


  Product Details

For All of Your Buggers & Streamers!
You love to throw big stuff to big fish. That’s why you strip and swing anything it takes to bring up carnivores that only move for some serious protein.
Features -  
  • The Ultimate Bugger, Streamer, Leech Box
  • Extra-Thick, Mega-Slit Foam - Thicker Foam Secures Saltwater Hooks
  • Holes to Easily Guide Fly Placement - Extra Headroom for Big Flies
  • Zerust® Corrosion Protection – No More Rusted Hooks

Foam & Size Configuration

  • Lids: Standard / Deep
  • Width : 4.5”
  • Heigth : 6”
  • Depth : 1.875”
  • Double-Sided
  • Weather Resistant
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