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RIO Bonefish QuickShooter Fly Line

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Price: $89.95
Brand: RIO

The perfect line for anglers targeting bonefish and other flats species.

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Rio Bonefish Quickshooter:


  Product Details

RIO's latest saltwater line is a real asset for the saltwater angler, and particularly useful for when wading flats, or in poor light conditions when short range casts are the order of the day. The short, easy casting head loads a rod quickly and delivers fast, accurate casts with ease. It is also an ideal line for the novice saltwater angler.
Technology -
  • AgentX Technology - Our most advanced coating technology for enhanced performance, durability and slickness
  • XS Technology - Ultra slick, dirt-repelling coating for maximum distance and performance
Features -
  • Revolutionary design allows for incredible loop stability and distance.
  • Unique, easy casting taper that loads a fly rod at close range
  • High floating running line that will not sink and impede the cast
  • Dual Tone - A marking system that easily identifies the loading area of each fly line
  • Front Welded Loop - Welded loop on the front end for fast rigging
  • Back Welded Loop - Welded loop on the back end for quick rigging
  • Temp Range - 75-100F (24-38C)
Specs -
SKU Line Size Color Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Total Length
6-20284 WF7F Aqua Blue/Sand 245 35.5ft 10.9m Float 100ft 30.5m
6-20285 WF8F Aqua Blue/Sand 290 35.5ft 10.9m Float 100ft 30.5m
6-20286 WF9F Aqua Blue/Sand 330 35.5ft 10.9m Float 100ft 30.5m
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