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Sage Circa Fly Rods

Sage Circa Fly Rods
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Price: $850.00
Brand: Sage

Modern Graphite with a slow action smooth feel yet precise and crisp.

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Sage Circa:


  Product Details

In the hands of a seasoned caster the CIRCA simply comes alive. Cast are methodically smooth and graceful, yet crisp and purposeful. The CIRCA's wider loop and telltale sensitivity give you the precision control needed for delicate presentations. When you first pick up a CIRCA, you'll swear your hands and eyes are playing tricks on you; it simply can't be this slender and light. This little rod is the definition of "fishy", and if you're not a slow-action fan yet, you will be soon.
Features -
  • Advanced slow action
  • Konnetic technology construction
  • Green Tea shaft color
  • Olive primary thread wraps with Slate trim wraps
  • Black aluminum winding check
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides
  • Hard chrome snake guides and tip-top
  • Custom Sage snub-nose, half-Wells cork handle
  • Vera wood insert and black aluminum reel seat
  • Black rod bag with iridescent Black Hills Gold silkscreen
  • 1 5/8" Desert Gold-colored tube with black end cap and screw cap
Rod Specs -
Tube Size (in)
Weight (oz)
279-4 CIRCAA7' 9"226 1/42
379-4 CIRCAA7' 9"326 1/42 1/16
389-4 CIRCAA8' 9"329 1/22 1/4
479-4 CIRCAA7' 9"426 1/42 1/8
489-4 CIRCAA8' 9"429 1/22 3/8
589-4 CIRCAA8' 9"529 1/22 1/2

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