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Rio Pike/Musky Leaders

Price: $7.95
Brand: RIO

The leader you need when chasing anything toothy like Pike, Musky, Bluefish and Tigerfish...

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  Product Details

An ultra-stiff nylon leader, tapering to a 16 lb tippet, and attached to a tough, bite resistant wire shock tippet that is ideal for Pike, Musky, and similar toothy species. There are two wire choices: 1) A nylon coated single strand steel wire with snap link and 2) a supple nylon coated braided wire that you can knot.
Features -
  • Wire Shock Tippet
  • Perfection Loop
Ideal for -
  • Pike
  • Musky
  • Tigerfish
Specs -
SKU Total Length Test Shock Material
6-24080 7.5ft 2.3m 15lb Bronze Wire - Tieable
6-24081 7.5ft 2.3m 20lb Bronze Wire - Tieable
6-24082 7.5ft 2.3m 30lb Bronze Wire - Tieable
6-24083 7.5ft 2.3m 45lb Bronze Wire - Tieable
6-24084 7.5ft 2.3m 15lb Silver Wire - Stainless Steel Snap
6-24085 7.5ft 2.3m 20lb Silver Wire - Stainless Steel Snap
6-24086 7.5ft 2.3m 30lb Silver Wire - Stainless Steel Snap
6-24087 7.5ft 2.3m 45lb Silver Wire - Stainless Steel Snap
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