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K-Pump K-Air

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Price: $28.95
Brand: K-Pump

Now you can safely inflate your watercraft properly with no worries with the K-Air

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  Product Details

New for 2014! K-Pump is proud to introduce the K-Air I and II to our line of expedition quality products! K-Air is the first fully integrated device of its kind designed specifically for the inflatable watercraft market and already is being called a "real game changer” by manufacturers and consumers alike. 

As most experts on the water are aware, proper inflation of your watercraft is crucial for your boat or SUP to reach optimal performance. Until now, high quality gauges were the only way to ensure you were getting the most out of your time on the water. Rather than going through the slow process of stopping repeatedly during the inflation of your watercraft to check the pressure with a gauge, and potentially over-inflating your boat in the process if you got distracted, the K-Air allows you to reach the optimal pressure in one step without even thinking about it. 

After attaching the K-Air to the end of your K-Pump, which is held in place by a friction lock, just start pumping. Once you reach the appropriate psi for your inflatable, all excess pressure will be bled off letting you know when to stop. It’s that simple! We’re not done there, if you have the luxury of having an air compressor near where you are inflating your craft, such as at a service station, we have included an adaptor with a standard Schrader valve as found on car and bike tires. This allows you to safely inflate and go in a fraction of the time, saving your muscles for the water! 

The K-Air I can be purchased factory preset for 2.5-3 pounds per square inch (psi); and the K-Air II in 10, 12 15, or 18 psi, matching the optimal pressures for most leading watercraft on the market.
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