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Nautilus NV-G Fly Reels

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Price: $560.00
Brand: Nautilus

Large Giga-Arbor Spool ensures lightning fast line pickup

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Nautilus NV-G:

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  Product Details

Nothing compares. Drag, design and performance make the NV-G the ultimate fly reel.

The NV-G series are built on the tried, tested and trusted NV 5/6 through NV Monster frames, and they feature the patented and award-winning NV CCF Disc Braking System.

The G-Spool design transforms your NV reels into uber-arbor fly reels that pick up line faster than any other comparable reel in the market. The G-Spool (Giga Spool) design reduces the reel weight significantly and generates less line coiling and much faster line retrieval (up to 15 inches per turn on the G-10!).

The unique CNC machining on these reels gives the impression that the backing is floating above the arbor, creating significant air space under the backing, which promotes faster backing drying. Wet backing is the leading cause of corrosion in fly reels, and the G-Spool design dries 14 times faster than traditional designs.

Features -
  • Giga Spool Design - The ‹ber arbors of fly fishing reels that allow anglers to reel in more than a foot per turn. In addition, a unique design feature of these spools comes in grooves that let the bottom of the backing breathe to promote faster drying.
  • CNC Machining - The unique CNC machining on these reels gives the impression that the backing is floating above the arbor, creating significant air space under the backing promoting faster backing drying. The G-Spool design dries fourteen times faster than traditional designs.
  • NV-CCF - The Cork and Carbon Fiber composite disc braking system was first introduced in 2003. It has since changed the expectations of fly fishers world-wide. A start-up inertia of 1% or less. The CCF sets the standard for drag performance.
  • Activseal - The Nautilus ActivSealTM is a precision machined proprietary seal thatís featured in all our CCF-X2 and NV series reels. The ActivSeal actively repels water, sand, salt and any other contaminant to keep the braking system intact and consistent.
  • Hooker - consists of a red anodized 6061 series aluminum button thatís machined to screw into the back of the reel seat. No more leader slipping in between the frame and the spool! Wrap your line around the HookerTM
  • Laser-ID - A favorite technology to come out of the Nautilus think-tank, we laser etch a white spot to the inside of the spool, leaving a textured surface that can be written on. Anglers can then use a thin permanent marker to write the line weight or any other information you need. No more washed out or peeled of line stickers! If you ever need to change it, wipe it off with alcohol for a blank slate.
Specs -
NV G-5/65/6WF6+(125yds20#)5.1 oz.3.50"
NV G-6/76/7WF7+(150yds20#)5.7 oz.3.75"
NV G-7/87/8WF8+(200yds20#)6.6 oz.
NV G-8/98/9WF9+(200yds30#)7.2 oz.4.25"
NV G-9/109/10WF10+(200yds30#)8.3 oz.4.50"
NV Monster11/13WF12+(350yds30#)9.9 oz.5.0"
NV Monster
10/11WF10+(225yds30#)9.9 oz.5.0"
550gr head with .030 running line
8.1 oz.4.25"
750gr head with .030 running line
9.1 oz.4.50"
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