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    Add Premium Hatch Braided Backing to my new reel

    Add Premium Hatch Braided Backing to my new reel
    Add Premium Hatch Braided Backing to my new reel
    Brand: Hatch
    Price is Per/Yard. Enter quantity you wish for your reel in the "ADD TO CART" box
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    Price: $0.25

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    Hatch 100M Premium Braided Backing

    Hatch 100M Premium Braided Backing

    Price $29.00

    Hatch 200M Premium Braided Backing

    Hatch 200M Premium Braided Backing

    Price $53.00

    Add Dacron Backing to My New Reel

    Add Dacron Backing to My New Reel

    Product Details
    The price of this item is per yard...qty 1 = 1 yard of backing. Enter the amount of yards backing you want in the quantity box

    Learn more about backing in Backing Guide: An in-depth look

    Choose exactly how much backing you want on your reel and pay for it by the yard. Choose how many yards you want and enter that into the quantity box and click add to cart. Before you add the maximum quantity you might want to read the note below...

    Hatch has created a backing material that has the touch and feel of Dacron combined with the strength and diameter of Gel Spun in a single 8 braid PE line for use in all fly fishing applications.
    Why only one size backing?
    Take a look at the chart below. You’ll see that the diameter of Hatch backing is equal to or less than our competitors’ products. Now look at the lb/kg ratings. You’ll notice right away that our material is stronger than everyone else’s. The diameter of the line determines how much backing builds up on the arbor of a reel, not the pound rating. So, a single diameter line can be used effectively in all fly-fishing applications – fresh or saltwater.
    Hatch size comparison to Dacron backing. (note: These are general sizes for Dacron..Sizes do vary between manufacturers)

    Note: How much do I need? Consider these facts...
    Reel manufacturers generally give you maximum specifications of backing capacity and in many cases these numbers are over-inflated...Just like gas mileage figures on new cars...to look more attractive they are generally the absolute maximum they can be...You'll likely experience less than these figures. So before you request the maximum specification of backing yards please ask yourself this; How much do I really need for the intended purpose of the reel I am purchasing? Personally I find that over-stuffed reels are an aggravation on the water and takes away from the pleasure I wish to pursue.

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    Rate this product:

    "Very small and resistant"

    Jocelyn Turcotte on 3/16/2017 6:55:24 PM

    Review (Tell us Why?: A backing line of small diameter and à very good resistance.

    Rate this Product:

    "Hatch Braid"

    Kieran Murphy on 8/4/2016 10:19:42 AM

    Review (Tell us Why?: definitely worth getting, excellent service excellent product

    Rate this Product:

    "Customer Service"

    William Gilmore on 1/18/2016 11:41:05 AM

    Review (Tell us Why?: Again another great job getting everything put together and sent out as promised!! Thanks again!

    Rate this Product:

    "Stronger and Smaller Diamater is Better"

    Jason Thompson on 8/20/2015 11:30:55 PM

    Review (Tell us Why?: They sell this in bulk so being able to buy the exact amount loaded on the reel was a big bonus.

    Rate this Product:

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