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Lost Lake Fly Selections

Lost Lake starts fishing well from the time it opens in late spring. This early season is a great time to catch some of the larger hold over fish or that elusive brown trout. When it first opens most of the fish are found through out the lakes shallower water (5 to 15). Best fly fishing techniques would be fishing streamers like brown or black size 8 or 10 wooly buggers and leach patterns on a slow sinking line. You will also get some mayfly hatches once in a while that can give you some good top water action; this gets better as you get into summer. Best mayfly top water patterns would be: Parachute Adams #14, Tilt Wing Callibaetis #14 or #16 and a Callibaetis Cripple #14. 

The first hot days of late spring or early summer triggers the large black carpenter ants to hatch and fly. The fish go nuts over these ants and you have to have them when they are on the water so be prepared! Ant patterns are fished on the surface and the best flies are #10 or #8 Black Flying Ant patterns.

Through the summer the heat effects the fishing a little more, you will find good dry fly fishing early and late in the day. The best patterns are, Parachute Adams #14, Tilt Wing Callibaetis #14 or #16, Callibaetis Cripple #14 & Gray Elk Hair Caddis #14 or #16. During the day the fish are driven deeper due to the heat. Best fishing is done around the drop offs to deep water. Fish these areas with a sinking line with at black or brown wooly bugger or leach size #8 or #10 

The Giant Yellow Mayfly or a.k.a. HEX hatch is one not to miss. This hatch starts around July 10 to 15 and can last up to a month. These mayflies are big and the fish key in on them. The bugs hatch at dark so you want to start fishing the Hex Nymphs #6 about 6 in the evening around the muddy bottom areas of the lake. Right at dark you will see the adults starting to hatch. The best adult patterns are size #6 or #8, I prefer emergers and cripples. You can only fish one hour after sunset in Oregon so do not fish much after dark. 

- The Gorge Fly Shop Team

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