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    Tips and Tactics

    One of the greatest rewards in fly fishing occurs when the "light bulb” turns on. Learning new methods or coming to a greater understanding of fish and their surroundings is a wonderful part of the process.

    In this section, we hope to share the insights of those who have a deep love for the sport and whose thoughts evolve from quality time on the water.

    Tom Larimer: Tying a Saltwater Loop Knot

    Tom Larimer: Selecting Steelhead Flies

    Riffle Hitch - Skating Flies for Steelhead
    A little how-to on how to keep those skaters riding high. Still working on that new camera. Really...

    Building Loops for Sink Tips

    Quick and Easy Style - Just a little blurb about building loops into your sink tips. This is a pretty convenient technique especially for repairing broken tips while out on the river. Sorry, still working on the cinematography skills!


    Easy Hook Removal
    Andy’s Grandpa was down around the bend and more than likely, catching fish. That’s probably what one did on a river after having spent more than 60 years on them. I wondered about the price of knowledge as we continued to catch none and me, dutifully lassoing the air with a fly stuck in my finger.

    GFS Fly Assortments
    GFS Fly Assortments are all hand-picked by our staff of pros. These are Flies that we picked because we fish these Flies. Our goal is to put together useful assortments for various fisheries or seasons and to add a new selection every month.

    Lost Lake | Fly Selections
    Lost Lake starts fishing well from the time it opens in late spring. This early season is a great time to catch some of the larger hold over fish or that elusive brown trout. When it first opens most of the fish are found through out the lakes shallower water (5’ to 15’). [Lost Lake Info]

    Spey Casting Tip with Guide: Jeff Hickman
    One of Jeff’s specialties is the spey cast.Perfecting the spey cast can be a frustrating event, but the pay-off is huge when it all comes together. There are times when the cast just fails miserably and although it seems like nothing is going right, there might just be one simple component that that needs tweaking.

    Guide Tip - Streamer Fishing

    If you were a fry, a smolt, or a sculpin and you felt the warm breath of a brown trout lurking, how would you escape? With a flit and a flutter, you dash downstream, away from the harm.

    Thought I would pass on a tip that most of us overlook,but that is absolutely necessary to build a solid angling platform. How bout' RELAX! Is that an oxymoron if I say that with an exclamation point?

    Recommended: Cool Gear under $20.00.

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