Winston Boron BIII TH Spey Rods

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    Winston Boron BIII TH Spey Rods - Free Fly Line

    Winston Boron BIII TH Spey Rods - Free Fly Line
    Winston Boron BIII TH Spey Rods - Free Fly Line
    Winston Boron BIII TH Spey Rods - Free Fly Line
    Winston Boron BIII TH Spey Rods - Free Fly Line
    Winston Boron BIII TH Spey Rods - Free Fly Line
    Winston Boron BIII TH Spey Rods - Free Fly Line
    Winston Boron BIII TH Spey Rods - Free Fly Line
    Winston Boron BIII TH Spey Rods - Free Fly Line
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    Unmatched Balance, Power, Responsive, Smoother and Recovery is what makes Boron III Two Hand rods better than ever.

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    Price: $945.00
    Winston Boron III-TH Rods:

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    Product Details

    Winston rod notes from Tom Larimer

    I love this new 6126 BIII TH! This rod is a summer Steelheaders dream with a 390gr Airflo Rage Compact. The rod’s powerful tip coupled with Winston’s unmistakable smooth action is a pleasure to cast. Don’t let the finesse of the 12’6” #6 weight fool you; It chucked a meaty tip incredibly well when teamed up with a 450 Skagit Switch. This may be the finest one salt summer steelhead rods ever built!

    Winston’s new 7129 will no doubt become an instant classic in the world of spey casting. The rod’s smooth silky feel coupled with incredulous power made it one of my favorites in the new BIII TH Spey rod line up. Lines with a 510gr Airflo Skagit Switch the rod is unstoppable. Hucking big sink-tips and heavy flies was a pleasure. When the sun drops below the canyon wall, a 450gr Rage Compact commands the water. I also had a chance to throw a 510 Airflow Skagit Intermediate on this rod and it jammed. In summary, the new 7129 BIII TH is the perfect "all around” Spey rod.

     How could Winston’s new 7133 BIII TH trump their old 13’3” #7 weight rod? For starters Winston made it lighter and more responsive. Rod designer Annette McClean also dialed up a little more power in the tip while maintaining that sweet Winston feel we all fell in love with. If you like a traditional Skagit, a 540 grain Airflo Skagit Compact is magic. If you fall into the short head-long rod camp, a 510 grain Skagit Switch is just silly fun. For dry line work, go 450 grain Rage Compact and unleash the fury.

    The power, clean tip recovery and lightness of the new 8136 BIII TH surprised me. Despite the fact that it takes a 600 grain Skagit Compact or a 510 Rage, it cast small. By that I mean that while the 8136 is a big water stud, it feels more like a 13’ #7 in your hands. Yet, it will jack your biggest sink-tips and gnarliest intruders into the stratosphere. If you like the feel and taper of the new 7133 BIII TH, look no further for your next big water stick.

     The new 8140 BIII TH, the big brother to the 8136, is what I consider as a long belly stick. It did well with a 600 grain Skagit Compact but honestly, not as well as the 8136 BIII TH. However, lined with an Airflo 8/9 Ultra Spey it was a machine. I didn't have an 8/9 Delta spooled up during testing but my gut tells me it be spot on.

    The big gun in Winston’s new BIII TH Spey series is for those few rivers where distance does matter. It’s no secret that I am not a long belly guy. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed ripping big cast with a 9/10 Airflo Ultra Spey. I did try a 660 Skagit Compact with a 15’ sink-tip on the rod. No fish will go uncovered. 

    THE BORON III TH series was designed with input from some of the finest spey casters in the world and successfully builds on Winston’s two-handed tradition of handcrafting perfectly balanced, responsive, high-performance rods. Built with advanced Boron III technology, this series is more powerful, more responsive, smoother casting and has faster recovery than the incredibly popular Boron IIx two-handed series it replaces. This rod is also lightweight and allows an angler to present a fly with incredible accuracy and cast long distances, with ease. The Boron III TH is the ideal selection for any style of two-handed angling and can easily transition between Touch-and-Go, Underhand and Sustained Anchor techniques. No matter if you’re fishing Traditional Spey, Skagit, Scandi or Switch lines, this series will meet the challenge. Offering extraordinary power, responsiveness and accuracy, the Boron III TH is perfectly balanced to enhance line delivery and minimize fatigue. This series has unquestionably set a new standard in the world of two-handed rods.

    Rod Highlights
    • Ideal selection for any style of two-handed angling
    • Built with advanced Boron III technology, resulting in a fast action rod that is extremely lightweight, powerful, lively and capable of generating incredible line speed
    • More powerful, more responsive, smoother casting and has faster recovery than the incredibly popular Boron IIx two-handed series it replaces
    • Strong and dependable
    • Proprietary design that promotes effortless long casts, accurate presentations and reserved power for big flies and windy days
    • Unmatched lifting power and fish fighting capabilities
    • Well-balanced to enhance line delivery and limit casting fatigue
    • Winston designed grip to support infinite hand placement with any casting style
    • Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana USA
    Rod Features
    • Action: Fast
    • Grip: Two-handed
    • Sections: 4-piece
    • Color: Winston green
    • Guides: TiCH finished stripper guide with nanoplasma ring casting, chrome snake guides
    • Reel Seat(s): Anodized aluminum, down locking
    • Storage: Premium graphite rod tube with logo tech rod sock
    Specifications -

    LineLengthWeight (oz.)GripSkagit LineScandi LineMid Belly Line
    6wt.11'4 7/8TWO-HANDED420 - 450330 - 390N/A
    6wt.11'6"5 1/8TWO-HANDED480 - 510360 - 420N/A
    6wt.12'6"5 7/8TWO-HANDED450 - 510360 - 4206/7
    7wt.12'9"7 3/4TWO-HANDED510 - 570420 - 4807/8
    7wt.13'3"6 3/4TWO-HANDED510 - 570420 - 4807/8
    8wt.13'6"7 3/4TWO-HANDED570 - 630480 - 5407/8
    8wt.14'8TWO-HANDED570 - 630480 - 5408/9
    9wt.15'9TWO-HANDED630 - 720540 - 6009/10

    ▪Skagit and Scandi recommendations are based on Grain Weights. Mid Belly Line recommendations are based on Line Weights.

    ▪Grain Weight and Line Weight designations should be used as a general guide and will vary based on different manufacturer’s line specifications, as well as each angler's casting style.

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    Rate this product:

    "Love this rod"

    Curt R on 11/20/2016 12:10:37 PM

    Review (Tell us Why?: Bought the 8136 about a year ago and it has fished well in medium and larger rivers. Very smooth with plenty of reserve line speed. It is a sweet but surprisingly forgiving rod and my favorite 2-hand rod so far.

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    "Favorite Deschutes Rod!"

    Andy on 10/28/2015 5:55:03 PM

    Review (Tell us Why?: The Boron III-TH is my absolute favorite Deschutes rod. It is like it was built specifically to cast an Airflo Rage 420. I love casting and fighting fish with it. Very happy!

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