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Airflo Super-Dri Running Lines

Price: $49.99
Brand: Airflo

Low stretch Power Core and an oversized "Flexi Loop" make the Super-Dri Running Line an exceptional shooting line.

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Running Line Diameter:


  Product Details

Airflo's running lines have been updated to incorporate our incredible Super-DRI technology – not only does it improve slickness and reduce tangling, it also improves the life expectancy of a running line that can already take some incredible abuse. A new black band at the end of our running lines allows you to quickly and easily gauge where you are in the loading process for great casts every time.

Features - 
  • Black Band on looped end for quick head reference
  • Power Core - Advanced No Stretch Core 
  • Taper - Level running line
  • Flexi Loop - A unique fusing process that creates a seamless bulletproof weld

Specs -

Line SizeColorSink Rate
20lb / 0.036"Flo YellowFloat
30lb / 0.040"Flo OrangeFloat

Starting with Airflo’s patented polymer, our chemists formulated Super-DRI, a new material

that repels water, dirt, and surface scum better than any material in the history of fly lines.

SENSITIVITY & HOOK SET: With only 6% stretch, our Power Core braid improves casting control, sensitivity and hook set – pretty impressive stuff. However, you’ll be more impressed with the lines incredible suppleness and handling performance even in the harshest of conditions.

The concept is simplicity itself. Our unique ridged design reduces the lines surface area in contact with the rod guides. Consequently friction levels are vastly improved when compared to other lines on the market. Our ridges are also incredibly tough for long term durability.

The original "PVC Free” Polymer coated fly lines, we at Airflo utilize solvent free Polyurethane as the base material in all our fly lines. We wanted the best possible fly line material available. A coating that would be stronger than our competitors, could resist DEET and ultimately fight off the long term effects of UV. 

With higher energy and slight stiffness for longer casts, we use this polymer on most of our long casting lines, like the Forty Plus, the new Ridge Rangefinder, and the Striper lines. All of them benefit from this coating in warmer temperatures thus maintaining distance without any tangles.

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