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Airflo Ridge Running Lines

Price: $39.99
Brand: Airflo

Low stretch Power Core and an oversized "Flexi Loop" make the Ridge Running Line an exceptional shooting line.

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Running Line Diameter:


  Product Details

Running lines have fast become a staple in fly anglers gear bags. The advantages of using interchangeable heads with different running lines are irrefutable--and whether you're using one or two hand rods, choosing the right running line is just as important as selecting the head. Airflo offers a wide array of running line options so you can use your heads wherever you may go.

The perfect compliment to any shooting head, Ridge technology comes to the fore on Airflo's running lines. Reduced surface friction not only increases distance, but also helps reduce tangles - loose coils of line slide over each other easily to eliminate snarl ups. A low stretch Power Core and an oversize "Flexi Loop" complete what is Airflo's #1 selling running line. 

Features - 
  • Power Core - Advanced No Stretch Core 
  • Ridge Technology - Reduces line friction for longer cast. 
  • Flexi Loop - A unique fusing process that creates a seamless bulletproof weld
Specs - 
  • 20LB - FL Yellow (0.36") 100'
  • 30LB - FL Orange (0.40") 100'
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