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RIO InTouch Outbound Coldwater Fly Lines

RIO InTouch Outbound Coldwater Fly Lines
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Price: $89.95
Brand: RIO

Based on the original 37.5' Outbound and new improved with InTouch Technology! The Outbound Series Coldwater lines are a tough saltwater line that will remain supple in the the coldwater.

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RIO IT Coldwater Outbound:


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RIO's OutBound lines are designed to cast very long distances. Each line is heavier than standard fly lines of the same size, and deeply loads modern rods for easy distance. Each line features RIO's XS technology for super slick performance, and is built with a supple, coldwater coating that ensures the line remains tangle-free.
Densities -
  1. A full floating line (F)
  2. A floating line with a 38ft Clear intermediate head (F/I)
Technology -
  • ConnectCore - Ultra low stretch InTouch Core
  • XS Technology - Ultra slick, dirt-repelling coating for maximum distance and performance
  • Dual Tone - A marking system that easily identifies the loading area of each fly line
Features -
  • Front loaded to cast large flies with ease
  • Designed for easy distance
  • Front and Rear welded loops for easy rigging
  • Temp Range - 50-80F (10-27C)
Specs -
SKULine SizeColorSink RateFull Head WtHead LengthTotal Length
6-20906WF6FYellow/GreenFloat240gr / 15.6gm37.5ft / 11.4m100ft / 30.5m
6-20907WF7FYellow/GreenFloat275gr / 17.8gm37.5ft / 11.4m100ft / 30.5m
6-20908WF8FYellow/GreenFloat330gr / 21.4gm37.5ft / 11.4m100ft / 30.5m
6-20909WF9FYellow/GreenFloat375gr / 24.3gm37.5ft / 11.4m100ft / 30.5m
6-20910WF10FYellow/GreenFloat425gr / 27.5gm37.5ft / 11.4m100ft / 30.5m
6-20911WF6F/IGray/YellowFloat/1.5ips240gr / 15.6gm37.5ft / 11.4m100ft / 30.5m
6-20912WF7F/IGray/YellowFloat/1.5ips275gr / 17.8gm37.5ft / 11.4m100ft / 30.5m
6-20913WF8F/IGray/YellowFloat/1.5ips330gr / 21.4gm37.5ft / 11.4m100ft / 30.5m
6-20914WF9F/IGray/YellowFloat/1.5ips375gr / 24.3gm37.5ft / 11.4m100ft / 30.5m
6-20915WF10F/IGray/YellowFloat/1.5ips425gr / 27.5gm37.5ft / 11.4m100ft / 30.5m
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