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Rio Steelhead Scandi Head - Closeout

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Brand: RIO

An easy casting shooting head designed for effortless distance and great presentation.

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Steelhead Scandi Size:


  Product Details

We have a Limited inventory of the Rio Steelhead Scandi Lines. What you see in the drop down options menu is what we have on hand...

Steelhead Scandi heads have more weight to the front end than the average Scandi style shooting head, and will cast larger flies and fast sinking VersiLeaders easily. They are shorter than RIO’s AFS heads, and ideal on the more popular Spey rods of 13ft and less.
Technology -
  • XS Technology - Ultra slick, dirt-repelling coating for maximum distance and performance
Features -
  • Short, powerful taper design that will cast sinking leaders and larger flies easier than most "Scandi" designs
  • Great for the tightest of casting situations
  • Ideal for novice/improver casters
  • Perfect with 10ft Spey VersiLeaders
  • Easy ID Loops - Loops that are printed with size and type of the shooting head
  • Front and Rear Welded Loops for easy rigging
Specs -
SKU Line Size Head Weight Head Length Color Sink Rate
6-20099 29ft 280gr 280 29ft 8.8m Ivory Float
6-20101 31ft 310gr 310 31ft 9.5m Ivory Float
6-20102 31ft 350gr 350 31ft 9.5m Ivory Float
6-20103 31ft 385gr 385 31ft 9.5m Ivory Float
6-20098 31ft 410gr 410 31ft 9.5m Ivory Float
6-20104 31ft 480gr 480 31ft 9.5m Ivory Float
6-20105 32ft 435gr 435 32ft 9.8m Ivory Float
6-20106 33ft 450gr 450 33ft 10m Ivory Float
6-20107 34ft 480gr 480 34ft 10.3m Ivory Float
6-20108 34ft 510gr 510 34ft 10.3m Ivory Float
6-20109 34ft 550gr 550 34ft 10.3m Ivory Float
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