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Echo Ion 2/3 Fly Reel

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Price: $79.99
Brand: Echo
The Echo Ion reels are a great reel for the price... More details...


  Product Details

The ECHO Ion reels are the best reel we've ever seen in the sub $100 category. They're made from what we call a "hybrid" design, cast in aluminum and then machined to provide the benefits of a machined bar stock reel without the high price associated with "fully" machined reels. All Ion reels are then coated with an impact-resistant, matte black finish to provide the best-looking, longest-lasting finish. Six sizes to fit any rod, starting with the 2/3 and finishing with the 10/12, which will hold the largest single-hand or two-handed lines with plenty of backing. ECHO Ion reels have stainless steel internal components and are primarily designed for fresh water use.
Features -
  • Maintenance-free Rulon disc drag with low start-up resistance
  • Backlash-free, instant drag reaction from one-way roller clutch bearing
  • Positive position click drag knob
  • Lightweight, hybrid design balances with lighter rods
  • Incoming/outgoing audible click
  • Durable solid alloy construction
Specs -
  • Diameter - 2.9"
  • Line Size - 2/3
  • Capacity - WF3 + 75yds/20lb
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