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RIO Scandi Body (NEW)

RIO Scandi Body (NEW)
RIO Scandi Body (NEW)
RIO Scandi Body (NEW)
RIO Scandi Body (NEW)
RIO Scandi Body (NEW)
RIO Scandi Body (NEW)
RIO Scandi Body (NEW)
RIO Scandi Body (NEW)
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Brand: Rio

New for 2014. These Scandi bodies come in three densitiies; Floating, Intermediate and Sink type 4. They are the head only and you choose the tips you want to fish.

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Price: $49.95
Scandi Body Size:

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RIO MOW Tip Kits

RIO MOW Tip Kits

Price $149.95



Price $19.95

Product Details

Scandi Float, Intermediate and Sink 4 Body New for 2014

The Scandi body is a short body to which a multitude of tips can be attached it is the most versatile design of all, and blends Skagit power with Scandi grace. It is ideal for anglers that want to travel light, yet have multiple fishing options. To the front end of the body anglers can attach regular 10 ft & 15 ft tips, MOW tips, "T tips, iMOW tips or VersiLeaders, and with three different body densities to choose from (floating, intermediate and Sink 4), all water conditions are covered.
These bodies do not come with tips!

Technology -
  • XS Technology - Ultra slick, dirt repelling coating for maximum distance and performance
  • ConnectCore -Non-Stretch, full sinking line for improved strike detection and faster hook sets.
Features -
  • Multi-Purpose design cast like a Scandi or a Skagit
  • Neat welded loops at both ends
  • Printed ID system on the rear of the head for quick recognition
Specs -
SKULine SizeHead LengthTotal LengthSink RateColor
6-20087#6 305gr, S423ft 7m23ft 7m4-5 ipsDark Gray
6-20088#7 350gr, S423ft 7m23ft 7m4-5 ipsDark Gray
6-20089#8 400gr, S423ft 7m23ft 7m4-5 ipsDark Gray
6-20090#9 455gr, S423ft 7m23ft 7m4-5 ipsDark Gray
6-20335#5 255gr, Int23ft 7m23ft 7m1.5-2 ipsClear Camo
6-20336#6 305gr, Int23ft 7m23ft 7m1.5-2 ipsClear Camo
6-20337#7 350gr, Int23ft 7m23ft 7m1.5-2 ipsClear Camo
6-20338#8 400gr, Int23ft 7m23ft 7m1.5-2 ipsClear Camo
6-20339#9 455gr, Int23ft 7m23ft 7m1.5-2 ipsClear Camo
6-20950Discontinued23ft 7m23ft 7mFloatStraw
6-20951#5 - 265gr, Flt23ft 7m23ft 7mFloatStraw
6-20952#6 - 305gr, Flt23ft 7m23ft 7mFloatStraw
6-20953#6/7 - 325gr, Flt23ft 7m23ft 7mFloatStraw
6-20954#7 - 350gr, Flt23ft 7m23ft 7mFloatStraw
6-20955#7/8 - 375gr, Flt23ft 7m23ft 7mFloatStraw
6-20956#8 - 400gr, Flt23ft 7m23ft 7mFloatStraw
6-20957#8/9 - 425gr, Flt23ft 7m23ft 7mFloatStraw
6-20958#9 - 455gr, Flt23ft 7m23ft 7mFloatStraw
6-20959#10 - 500gr, Flt24ft / 7.3m24ft / 7.3mFloatStraw
6-20960#11 - 540gr, Flt25ft / 7.6m25ft / 7.6mFloatStraw

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