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RIO Skagit Flight VersiTip 400gr - Closeout

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List Price: $159.95
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Brand: RIO
A complete, ready-to-go package for the Skagit angler... More details...

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  Product Details

RIO's Skagit VersiTip is a ready-to-go line system for the two handed angler. Each package includes a Skagit head that is designed to cast large flies and fast sinking tips with exceptional ease, a balanced set of sink tips to cover changing fishing conditions and an appropriately sized shooting line. Each Skagit head features exceptionally neat, welded loops on both ends for the fastest of rigging, and has its size printed on the rear loop for easy identification.
Technology -
  • XS Technology - Ultra slick, dirt-repelling coating for maximum distance and performance
Features -
  • Easy casting, deep loading design for effortless casts
  • Powerful front end casts fast sinking tips and large flies
  • Ready-to-go package with a variety of tips for changing conditions
  • ID printed rear loop for fast head recognition
  • Front and Back Welded Loops for easy rigging
Specs -
SKU Line Size Head Weight Head Length Color Sink Rate
6-20650 400gr 400gr 23ft 7m Pale Orange Float
6-20651 450gr 450gr 24ft 7.3m Pale Orange Float
6-20652 500gr 500gr 25ft 7.6m Pale Orange Float
6-20653 550gr 550gr 25.5ft 7.8m Pale Orange Float
6-20654 600gr 600gr 26.5ft 8m Pale Orange Float
6-20655 650gr 650gr 27ft 8.2 Pale Orange Float
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