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RIO Gold Fly Line

RIO Gold Fly Line
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Price: $74.95
Brand: RIO

The ultimate, all-round floating line.

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RIO Gold Fly Lines:


  Product Details

The Gold is the finest, all around trout line from the folks at Rio. This line will do it all - From casting #22 midge patterns to selective trout, or throwing # 2 buggers to courageous browns, the Rio Gold will make you believe in your ability. Manufactured with a slick coating for maximum distance, It'll get out there and lay down like it should. These lines also come complete with welded loops on both ends. - GFS Team

    The RIO Gold has a revolutionary taper design that gives incredible loop stability at distance, a unique profile that allows a rod to load at close range and a front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2.
      Technology -
      • MaxCast - High-tech line coating that repels water while you fish increasing floatation and durability
      • MaxFloat - Proprietary tip coating for superior float, reduced drag, and quieter pickups
      • AgentX Technology - Our most advanced coating technology for enhanced performance, durability and slickness
      Features -
      • Front biased weight to load rods at close range
      • Taper design to cast flies between #22 and #2
      • Long head for ultimate casting control
      • DualTone - A marking system that easily identifies the loading area of each fly line
      • Front Welded Loop - Welded loop on the front end for fast rigging
      • Back Welded Loop - Welded loop on the back end for quick rigging

      Specs -

      SKULine SizeColorSink Rate30ft Head WtFull Head WtHead LengthTotal Length
      6-21227WF3FMoss/GoldFloat106gr / 6.9gm158gr / 10.2gm45ft / 13.7m80ft / 24.4m
      6-21228WF4FMoss/GoldFloat126gr / 8.2gm175gr / 11.3gm46ft / 14m90ft / 27.4m
      6-21229WF5FMoss/GoldFloat146gr / 9.5gm208gr / 13.5gm47ft / 14.3m90ft / 27.4m
      6-21230WF6FMoss/GoldFloat168gr / 10.9gm234gr / 15.2gm48ft / 14.6m100ft / 30.5m
      6-21231WF7FMoss/GoldFloat193gr / 12.5gm270gr / 17.5gm49ft / 14.9m100ft / 30.5m
      6-21232WF8FMoss/GoldFloat218gr / 14.1gm310gr / 20.1gm50ft / 15.2m100ft / 30.5m
      6-21233WF9FMoss/GoldFloat250gr / 16.2gm345gr / 22.4gm50ft / 15.2m100ft / 30.5m
      6-21248WF4FMelon/Gray DunFloat126gr / 8.2gm175gr / 11.3gm46ft / 14m90ft / 27.4m
      6-21249WF5FMelon/Gray DunFloat146gr / 9.5gm208gr / 13.5gm47ft / 14.3m90ft / 27.4m
      6-21250WF6FMelon/Gray DunFloat168gr / 10.9gm234gr / 15.2gm48ft / 14.6m100ft / 30.5m
      6-20076WF4FOrangeFloat126gr / 8.2gm175gr / 11.3gm46ft / 14m90ft / 27.4m
      6-20077WF5FOrangeFloat146gr / 9.5gm208gr / 13.5gm47ft / 14.3m90ft / 27.4m
      6-20078WF6FOrangeFloat168gr / 10.9gm234gr / 15.2gm48ft / 14.6m100ft / 30.5m
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