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Scientific Anglers Floating Monocore

Price: $34.95
Brand: Scientific Anglers

Super Slick Shooting line

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  Product Details

Floating Shooting Line for Casting Applications
  • Salmon/steelhead fishing when casting in deep runs
Line Characteristics -
  • The ideal qualities needed to deliver and manage heavy line in deep currents
  • Advanced Shooting Technology formulated line for the ultimate in shootability and castability
  • Extra length allows angler to use both ends when one wears
  • Single-strand monocore delivers less tangling

Core -

  • Single-strand monofilament nylon
  • Coating: Hard 3M PVC with Advanced Shooting Technology
  • Harder, low-friction coating for superb shooting and increased distance
  • Stiffness: Moderate
  • Length: 120/36 m
  • Size: 25 lb
  • Diameters: 25 lb: 0.030
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