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Airflo Skagit F.I.S.T

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Price: $59.95
Brand: Airflo


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Working with top fly line designers and 30 year veteran steelhead guides, the team at Rajeff Sports has recently developed the easiest casting, straightest swinging, deepest digging Skagit line ever created!

Introducing the Skagit F.I.S.T. The F.I.S.T. features a floating rear 6-7' taper that tracks through the upper currents followed smoothy by a 7-8' section of intermediate, which holds your line in the sweet spot and finishes perfectly into straight T-3 sink, putting that fly and holding it right in front of the fish's face! 

Combine the new F.I.S.T. shooting head with any combination of straight T-sink tip. T-3, T-7, T-10, T-14 etc. This line WILL produce more hookups in zones where getting deep and in front of the fish is required! 

 Leave it to Airflo and the team at Rajeff Sports to continually push the limits of line design for those hard core winter steelhead and salmon enthusiast!

Specs - 
MPNGrain WeightType 3 tipIntermediateFloatTotal LengthLoop Color
SKCFIST-5705706'8'8.5'22.5'LIGHT GREEN
SKCFIST-6006007'8'8.5'23.5'DARK GREEN
SKCFIST-6606607'8'8.5'23.5'DARK BLUE

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