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RIO InTouch Pike / Musky Fly Line

RIO InTouch Pike / Musky Fly Line
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Price: $84.95
Brand: RIO

New with InTouch - A powerful casting line for Pike and Musky anglers and the perfect match for Sage's Pike/Musky fly rods.

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RIO InTouch Pike / Musky:


  Product Details

Sage and Rio have teamed up to produce the perfect match line for the new Pike/Musky Series Fly Rods but don't limit these lines those rods. They will perform on any fast action sticks your using for you Toothy Critter fishing.

RIO’s Pike/Musky line has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the modern pike and musky fly fisher. It features a short head and a powerful front taper that has no problem casting large bunny leeches and typical streamers. The line is heavier than the industry standard to load powerful rods with ease, and is built with a supple, coldwater coating that features RIO’s XS and AgentX technologies for the very best in performance. A range of densities are available to cover a multitude of conditions.
Technology -
  • ConnetCore InTouch - Improve strike detection and hook sets with ultra sensitive Low stretch Core
  • AgentX Technology - Our most advanced coating technology for enhanced performance, durability and slickness
  • XS Technology - Ultra slick, dirt-repelling coating for maximum distance and performance
  • Dual Tone - A marking system that easily identifies the loading area of each fly line
Features -
  • Short, powerful front taper to easily cast typical streamers
  • Heavier than the AFTMA standard to load powerful rods
  • Welded loops front and back for fast rigging
  • Offered in Floating, Intermediate tip and Type 6 Sinking configurations
  • Intermediate and Sinking tip length is approx 28'
Specs -
SKULine SizeColorSink Rate30ft Head WtHead LengthTotal Length
6-21032WF8FMoss/YellowFloat300gr / 19.4gm29ft / 8.8m100ft / 30.5m
6-21033WF9FMoss/YellowFloat350gr / 22.7gm29ft / 8.8m100ft / 30.5m
6-21034WF10FMoss/YellowFloat400gr / 25.9gm29ft / 8.8m100ft / 30.5m
6-21035WF11FMoss/YellowFloat450gr / 29.2gm29ft / 8.8m100ft / 30.5m
6-21036WF8F/IGray/YellowFloat/1.5ips300gr / 19.4gm29ft / 8.8m100ft / 30.5m
6-21037WF9F/IGray/YellowFloat/1.5ips350gr / 22.7gm29ft / 8.8m100ft / 30.5m
6-21038WF10F/IGray/YellowFloat/1.5ips400gr / 25.9gm29ft / 8.8m100ft / 30.5m
6-21039WF11F/IGray/YellowFloat/1.5ips450gr / 29.2gm29ft / 8.8m100ft / 30.5m
6-20556WF8I/S6Black/Yellow1.5ips/6ips300gr / 19.4gm29ft / 8.8m100ft / 30.5m
6-20557WF9I/S6Black/Yellow1.5ips/6ips350gr / 22.7gm29ft / 8.8m100ft / 30.5m
6-20558WF10I/S6Black/Yellow1.5ips/6ips400gr / 25.9gm29ft / 8.8m100ft / 30.5m
6-20559WF111/S6Black/Yellow1.5ips/6ips450gr / 29.2gm29ft / 8.8m100ft / 30.5m
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