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K-Pump K20

Price: $99.95
Brand: K-Pump
The ultimate ISUP pump!
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  Product Details

This has been called a real "game changer" by the SUP manufacturers because of it's compactness, durability but most of all because it's super easy to achieve those high p.s.i. levels; up to 25 p.s.i.. This is a true two-stage pump, with a high volume (low pressure) mode that helps "shape up" your board quickly. The high volume mode starts to "stall out" at around 6 p.s.i.. then with a simple twist of the wrist you switch to the high pressure mode that is unbelievably easy to stroke yet capable of achieving those high pressures easily.
Honestly, because it's so easy to stroke we offer a serious word of caution: make sure that you check your p.s.i. readings frequently because when the pump is in its high pressure mode it strokes with minimal resistance. It's really super easy!!! You really need to heed these words of caution or you could seriously damage your SUP. So, check your readings frequently!!! If you don't have a gauge... get one!!! K-Pump makes the Kwik Check gauge that works with most of the valves found on current SUPs and is accurate and easy to use . Give your dealer or K-Pump a call and we'll be happy to assist you..
Specs -
  • Length:21"
  • Width:3"
  • Height:3"
  • Weight:2 lbs.
  • Material:PVC / ABS
  • Pressure:•Low Pressure 6 p.s.i. •High Pressure 25+ p.s.i.
What's Included -
  • Valve adapters.
  • Rugged storage bag.
  • Two "bungee balls" for securing the pump to your frame.
  • Unlimited 2 year warranty.
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