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RIO Indicator II Fly Line

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Price: $74.95
Brand: RIO

An Indicator line needs to carry the hardware and provide the power to mend line. RIO Indicator II has the profile to make that happen!

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RIO Indicator II - Sizes:


  Product Details

The Indicator II line has been designed to cast indicator rigs with ease – whether for trout or steelhead. The thick diameter, high floating easy viz tip and short front taper easily turns over the largest of indicators, while the ultra long head is easy to mend and control the fly at long range. RIO’s acclaimed DualTone load locating system makes it simple for anglers to find the ideal casting area of the fly line. It is the perfect line for fishing indicator rigs.

Technology -
  • MaxFloat - Proprietary tip coating for superior float, reduced drag and quieter pickups.
  • MaxCast - High-Tech line coating that repels water while you fish increasing flotation and durability.
  • AgentX - Our most advanced coating technology for enhanced performance, durability and slickness
  • Dual Tone - A marking system that easily identifies the loading area of each fly line
Features -
  • Aggressive front taper to throw indicators and large flies
  • Unique, highly visible tip for spotting takes
  • Extra long head for ultimate fly control
  • Front and Rear Welded Loops
Specs -
SKULine SizeHead LengthTotal LengthSink RateColor
6-20205WF4F48ft / 14.6m90ft / 27.4mFloatIndicator Tip/Gray/Green
6-20206WF5F49ft / 15m90ft / 27.4mFloatIndicator Tip/Gray/Green
6-20207WF6F49ft 6in / 15.1m100ft / 30.5mFloatIndicator Tip/Gray/Green
6-20208WF7F50ft / 15.2m100ft / 30.5mFloatIndicator Tip/Gray/Green
6-20209WF8F50ft / 15.2m100ft / 30.5mFloatIndicator Tip/Gray/Green

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