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Airflo Delta Spey II Line

Price: $99.99
Brand: Airflo

In-Stock now is the NEW Long Belly Delta Spey-II!

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Spey casters and dedicated long rod fishers are making the circle back to longer bellied lines and all the advantages they bring. Airflo's Delta Spey line was the original weight forward spey line, developed to use on longer two handed rods, or by anglers that preferred a long belly line for mend control and full sweep Spey casting. The new Delta Spey II takes it several steps farther. Keeping all the attributes of the original and upgrading with newer design features and materials. 

Step Back in Time and Join the "New" Longer Bellied Revolution! 

After 10 years of being the go to long belly Spey line it was time for an upgrade. Taking advantage of new materials and concepts in Spey line design, The dream team of Dec Hogan and Tim Rajeff worked some magic to bring forward the new Delta Spey II fly line. A longer, more traditional bellied line that exudes smooth casting strokes and graceful full length casts. The Delta Spey II is a superbly balanced line across the full range of available sizes. Featuring a dual color for instant head recognition and a slightly stiffer material in the running line for less tangling and supreme shoot ability.

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