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Catch Magazine DVD - Season 5 - Masters Series

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Catch Magazine Season 5 Masters Series. You will not want to miss this!

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Watch the trailer but be warned! It'll Hook You!

By far the best DVD yet. One particular video included on #5 is called Fall Run. This is by far the most popular steelhead video ever produced. This dvd will include 5 other videos from around the globe and finally one bonus feature from England. The T-Motion Video Theater is the cornerstone feature in Catch Magazine. Catch Magazine is an on-line fly fishing magazine seen around the world. Todd Moen films and edits the most creative, action packed and stunningly beautiful fly fishing videos in the world. These films are part of the Catch Magazine experience.

Todd interviewed the anglers in this edition. The tips and techniques have been revealed about the situation the anglers have faced in each video. Steelhead, 5 additional segments fly fishing around the world and over 1 hour of bonus material including a segment in England. 

The anglers this year are... Pete Corbett, Brian O'keefe, Jeff Hickman, Jakob Lund and Tim Rajeff. 60 min. 

Approx running time 2 hours

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