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Nautilus NV-G Spare Spools

Price: $245.00
Brand: Nautilus

Spare Spools for you NV or NV-G Fly Reels

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Spare Spool size:

Spool Colors:


  Product Details

NAUTILUS NV-G Spare Spools

Interesting Option - If you own a Nautilus NV Reel you can purchase a NV-G spool for it
Specifications - 
NV-G5/6WF-5+150 yds #205.1 0z.
NV-G6/7WF-6+175 yds #205.7 0z.
NV-G7WF-7+200 yds #306.6 0z.
NV-G8WF-8+200 yds #307.2 0z.
NV-G9WF-9+225 yds #308.3 0z.
NV-G10WF-10+225 yds #309.9 0z.

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