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RIO InTouch Trout LT Fly Lines

RIO InTouch Trout LT Fly Lines
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Price: $89.95
Brand: RIO

RIO's InTouch Trout LT comes in Both Weight Forward and Double Taper Profiles.

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RIO InTouch Trout LT:


  Product Details

The benefits of ConnectCore, combined with best-selling fly line tapers and a unique tri-color line casting gauge (SureFire) makes for the finest performing trout lines on the market.

The Trout LT (Light Touch) line is available in both double taper, and weight forward profiles, and features a long, fine front taper for the lightest of presentations and perfect roll casts. The ultra-low stretch ConnectCore provides groundbreaking levels of sensitivity for intuitively better cast timing, easier line lift and sharp, precise mends. Lack of stretch also means enhanced detection of subtle takes and faster reaction time when setting the hook. The Trout LT is perfect for fishing dry flies, nymphs and emergers.

    Technology -
    • MaxCast - High-tech line coating that repels water while you fish increasing floatation and durability
    • MaxFloat - Proprietary tip coating for superior float, reduced drag, and quieter pickups
    • AgentX Technology - Our most advanced coating technology for enhanced performance, durability and slickness
    • ConnectCore - Get In-Touch with a non-stretch line core for improved strike detection and faster hook sets.
    • Surefire - Unique three-color system ensures deadly accurate distance control.
    • Easy ID tag - quickly identify fly line
    • Front welded loop
    • Rear welded loop
    Specs - 

    SKU Line Size Color Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Total Length
    6-20695 WF3F Beige/Gray/Sage 128gr 43ft 13.1m Float 80ft 24.4m
    6-20696 WF4F Beige/Gray/Sage 146gr 45ft 13.7m Float 90ft 27.4m
    6-20697 WF5F Beige/Gray/Sage 154gr 47ft 14.3m Float 90ft 27.4m
    6-20698 WF6F Beige/Gray/Sage 172gr 48ft 14.6m Float 100ft 30.5m

    Specs - 

    SKU Line Size Color Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Total Length
    6-20755 DT3F Beige/Gray/Sage 105gr 80ft 24.4m Float 80ft 24.4m
    6-20756 DT4F Beige/Gray/Sage 125gr 90ft 27.4m Float 90ft 27.4m
    6-20757 DT5F Beige/Gray/Sage 145gr 90ft 27.4m Float 90ft 27.4m
    6-20758 DT6F Beige/Gray/Sage 165gr 90ft 27.4m Float 90ft 27.4m


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