Rio Powerflex Trout Leaders

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    RIO Powerflex Trout Leaders

    RIO Powerflex Trout Leaders
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    RIO Powerflex Trout Leaders

    Brand: RIO

    Ideal for Nymph/Indicator Rigs, Streamers and Dry Flies

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    Price: $4.95
    RIO Powerflex Trout:

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    Product Details
    RIO’s Powerflex Trout leaders feature a powerful butt section that provides unsurpassed turn over for effective wind penetration and to easily cast streamers and indicator rigs. Each leader is made with an advanced copolymer material that ensures the highest knot and tensile strength to allow confident hook sets and greater landing percentages. Each Powerflex Trout leader is designed to help you cast better and fish more effectively.
    Features -
    • Aggressive high-performance taper
    • Long, powerful butt section with soft, flexible tippet
    • Perfection loop in the butt for easy rigging
    • Clear
    Ideal for -
    • Nymph/Indicator Rigs
    • Streamers
    • Dry Flies
    Specs -
    SKUTotal LengthX SizeLeader Tippet MaterialTestTippet Diameter
    6-246007.5ft 2.3m7XNylon2.4lb 1.1kg.004in .102mm
    6-246017.5ft 2.3m6XNylon3.4lb 1.5kg.005in .127mm
    6-246027.5ft 2.3m5XNylon5.0lb 2.3kg.006in .152mm
    6-246037.5ft 2.3m4XNylon6.4lb 2.9kg.007in .178mm
    6-246047.5ft 2.3m3XNylon8.2lb 3.7kg.008in .203mm
    6-246057.5ft 2.3m2XNylon10lb 4.5kg.009in .229mm
    6-246067.5ft 2.3m1XNylon13lb 5.9kg.010in .254mm
    6-246077.5ft 2.3m0XNylon15lb 6.8kg.011in .279mm
    6-246089ft 2.7m7XNylon2.4lb 1.1kg.004in .102mm
    6-246099ft 2.7m6XNylon3.4lb 1.5kg.005in .127mm
    6-246109ft 2.7m5XNylon5.0lb 2.3kg.006in .152mm
    6-246119ft 2.7m4XNylon6.4lb 2.9kg.007in .178mm
    6-246129ft 2.7m3XNylon8.2lb 3.7kg.008in .203mm
    6-246139ft 2.7m2XNylon10lb 4.5kg.009in .229mm
    6-246149ft 2.7m1XNylon13lb 5.9kg.010in .254mm
    6-246159ft 2.7m0XNylon15lb 6.8kg.011in .279mm

    SKUTotal LengthX SizeLeader Tippet MaterialTestTippet Diameter
    6-2461612ft 3.7m7XNylon2.4lb 1.1kg.004in .102mm
    6-2461712ft 3.7m6XNylon3.4lb 1.5kg.005in .127mm
    6-2461812ft 3.7m5XNylon5.0lb 2.3kg.006in .152mm
    6-2461912ft 3.7m4XNylon6.4lb 2.9kg.007in .178mm
    6-2462012ft 3.7m3XNylon8.2lb 3.7kg.008in .203mm
    6-2464212ft 3.7m
    10lb 4.5kg
    .009in .229mm
    6-2464312ft 3.7m
    13lb 5.9kg
    .010in .254mm
    6-2464412ft 3.7m
    15lb 6.8kg
    .011in .279mm
    6-2462215ft 4.6m6XNylon3.4lb 1.5kg.005in .127mm
    6-2462315ft 4.6m5XNylon5.0lb 2.3kg.006in .152mm
    6-2462415ft 4.6m4XNylon6.4lb 2.9kg.007in .178mm
    6-2462515ft 4.6m3XNylon8.2lb 3.7kg.008in .203mm

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