Kast Steelhead Glove

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    Product Reviews

    For the product: Kast Steelhead Glove

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    Rate this product:

    "Best winter gloves"

    Lew on 1/17/2016 9:57:24 PM

    Review (Tell us Why?: Live in Idaho and winter fish a lot, these are the first gloves I have which actually keep my fingers warm. Fished in 20degree weather and kept me warm ALL DAY! These gloves are best on market by far and allow me to keep amazing line control while keeping my hands warm. Takes a second to get accustomed to feel if glove and line but once this is accomplished after a few casts its seemless. Buy them. I have small hands (🙄) gloves run large...

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    "Kast Waterproof Steelhead Glove"

    John Garrett on 10/26/2015 2:56:16 PM

    Review (Tell us Why?: Okay, I've hated gloves all my life, don't even wear gloves when I'm chopping wood...for years I wouldn't wear gloves in the winter, even on the coldest days, because I couldn't feel anything. Well because of that mentality my hands would become so cold and numb I eventually couldn't feel anything anyway. So I decided to try them and boy was I happy with the advancement from gloves over 20 years ago when I decided never to wear gloves again while fishing. Not only are my hands warmer now, but because these gloves are breathable, they don't sweat inside, eventually making my hands cold anyway and honestly after having them on for about 10 minutes I get used to them and can actually feel the line. The very first thing I did with my Kast Steelhead Gloves was hold them under the water for a legit 5 minutes to make sure they were waterproof and they were. Worth every penny and if there ever was a problem with them, Kast would take care of it. I could go on...

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    "Kast gloves"

    Skilly on 4/11/2014 3:12:48 PM

    Review (Tell us Why?: I have been able to wear mine a bit now and mostly I reaally like them. I can fish with them with a Spey rod and do not have a problem handling the line. The only shortfall I see is thee thumb could be better designed, when my thumb bends it just slides up and down inside the glove and the fingers a way to bulky for me. Right length just bulky. All said I wear them because they are better than anything else I can find.

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    "Kast steelhead glove"

    Richard Martinsen on 2/2/2014 4:43:45 PM

    Review (Tell us Why?: The gloves were as advertised. I was skeptical about "waterproof" so submersed them under water for several minutes. They are waterproof! They arrived sooner than expected. This is a quality supplier......****

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    "Warm and water-proof"

    Robin Hood on 1/1/2014 1:27:08 PM

    Review (Tell us Why?: These gloves are waterproof and wind-proof as advertised. However they are not that easy to use fly-fishing. The gloves are difficult for casting and stripping, however over time I'm hoping I will get use to the thickness. I am pleased with the warmth and dryness they provide.,

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    "Great fishing gloves"

    Wichita - Durango, CO on 12/25/2013 4:26:58 PM

    Review (Tell us Why?: Any fishing finantic will appreciate these gloves that are wind proof, water proof, and warm to boot. Great for gentle fish release in freezing cold waters. Used many types of gloves but these are the best. Wished I had bought them sooner.

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    "Last gloves"

    Donald Flemming on 12/24/2013 7:27:43 AM

    Review (Tell us Why?: Outstanding gloves. Waterproof and kept me warm and dry on the water. Expensive but worth it.

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    "kast steelhead gloves"

    Charles Brokenshire on 12/17/2013 9:06:20 AM

    Review (Tell us Why?: These gloves are real warm and very good quality.

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